Friday, March 12, 2010

Shame of India---DINHATA

by Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Dinhata is a small town in the district of Coochbehar, West Bengal and from the incident that took place in this town on December 6, 2009, regarding the visit of Peyarada (the nickname of Hussein Muhammad Ersad, the ex-military dictator and the President of Bangladesh; literally means ‘beloved elder brother’), it seemed that the Hindus of this place, or rather of the entire state of West Bengal, have lost their rationality and common sense. It seemed that there was not a single soul who could see the truth. Dinhata is the native place of Peyarada, who went to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) after partition in 1947, and on Dec 6, last year, he returned to Dinhata after 34 years. He is now 79 and will be 80 on Feb 1, 2010. It appeared that the Hindus of Dinhata were far more eager to greet their Peyarada than Peyarada was to meet the people of his place of birth.

A report appeared in the December 7, 2009 edition of Dainik Statesman, a Kolkata based Bengali daily, said, “Escorted by tight security, the son of the town entered his native place amidst greetings by thousand hilarious Hindus. As soon as he got out of the car, he was encircled by the reporters. Before the crowd of onlookers, their dear Peyarada moved towards his ancestral home, while the crowd continued showering their good wishes and shouting slogans. A stage was set up at the entrance of the house where Ershad received the greetings from the crowd and replied his good wishes to them.” The reporter Subhas Mandal of the Dainik Statesman continued his idiotic narration – “In the heavily crowded press conference, dear Peyarada, the glorious son of Dinhata, the ex-President of Bangladesh, said that he would continue his efforts to build up a close and friendly relation between India and Bangladesh.

It has been mentioned above that this dear Peyarada, the son of Dinhata, is no other than Hussain Muhammad Ershad, the ex-army chief, the military dictator and the President of Bangladesh. His ancestral house is still standing there in Dinhata, though he was born on February 1, 1930 in his maternal uncle’s house in Rangpur, in the undivided Bengal. He spent his childhood in Dinhata and passed the Matriculation Examination from a Dinhata school. Later on, in the wake of partition and creation of Pakistan in 1947, his family decided to move to the holy land of Pakistan, a Dar-ul-Islam as muhajir leaving India, a dar-ul-harb. The Hindus of Diahata do not have sufficient grey matter in their brains to understand the Muslim psyche of H M Ershad and his family that considers the call of Islam far more precious than the call of the motherland. It should be mentioned here that the ex-military general and ex-president of Pakistan Musherof Hussain is also a muhajir in Pakistan.

It is now well known that the war at Kargil was one of the most treacherous back-stabbing inflicted by Musharraf against India. Similarly the educated and conscious people of the world are also acquainted with the treachery misdeeds committed by H M Ershad against India, particularly against the Hindus. But it seems that there is not a single Hindu in Dinhata who is aware of those treacherous activities of Ershad. One should recall that the Indian soldiers, by their blood, earned freedom for the people of Bangladesh from the clutch of Pakistan in 1970. But it was the dear Peyarada or H M Ershad of Dinhata, who after assuming the office of president of Bangladesh in 1988, made Islam the state religion of the country and thus by the stroke of the pen, converted the entire Hindu population of Bangladesh into second grade citizens, deprived them of minimum civic rights and turned them into targets of religious persecution and victims of the fanatic majority Muslims. In other words, the entire Hindu community of Bangladesh has been degraded to the status of Dhimmis. So, it is extremely ridiculous when that culprit says that he is trying to improve relation between India and Bangladesh. If this culprit is projected as a pride of Dinhata, then Dinhata is a shame for India.

In this context, another aspect of vital importance should be pointed out here. In 1947, Ershad alone went to East Pakistan, while his brothers and others relatives stayed back in India and his properties were protected by the Indian Constitution. On the contrary, the millions of Hindus who were fallen victims of severe religious persecution and ethnic cleansing and were compelled to leave East Pakistan (and today’s Bangladesh) to save their lives, their properties were declared ‘enemy properties’ by the government of Pakistan and grabbed by the Muslims of East Pakistan or Bangladesh. Even the other members of a Hindu household, one of whom had shifted to India, were designated as enemies of the government and properties confiscated. In most of the cases, they had to sell their properties in throw away price and come to India to save their lives and the honour of their women. So, the Hindus, who were compelled to leave East Pakistan or Bangladesh, were treated as enemies but H M Ershad, who left India for the sake of Islam, is being treated as the ‘son of the soil of Dinhata’, ‘dear Peyarada’ and the ‘pride of Dinhata’.

It really amazing that most of the Hindus of Dinhata, who are gleefully celebrating the visit of Ershad to Dinhata, had come to India as refugees after being kicked out of East Pakistan or Bangladesh. Following Shibaprasad Roy, these people are severely running short of common sense and it seems that even God Almighty shall not be able to prevent them from turning refugee again. It is a shame that the Hindu refugees of Dinhata, who came to India after losing their properties to the Muslims, are now performing the sacred task of protecting the properties of Muslims like H M Ershad.

According to a press report, Udayan Guha, the son of Kamal Guha, a leader of the Forward Bloc, the political party founded by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, sought the blessings of Ershad by touching his feet (a Hindu style to paying respect), on the occasion. In fact, this Kamal Guha & Co are extremely dishonest politicians and they are utilizing the name of patriotic personality of Netaji to gain political mileage in one hand and, on the other, collaborating with the traitor and treacherous Communists, who once described Netaji as quisling of Japan and a dog of Tojo, to taste the honey of power. These hypocrites display the photograph of Netaji to pay their sham respect to him and at the same time have handed over the Forward Bloc Party to the enemies of the nation like Kalimuddin Shams and others. In this context, one should recall that these treacherous Muslim political leaders like Kalimuddin Shams helped millions of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators getting ration cards so that their names could be enlisted in the voters’ list. In other words, turning the illegal Bangladeshi infiltrations into legal citizens of India.

One should also recall that Robin Ghosh, another leader of the Forward Bloc and the MLA from the Uluberia constituency, in another occasion, stopped the Mumbai Express with a mob of 5000 Muslims and released 100 Bangladeshi infiltrators who were being brought to Kolkata by the Maharastra police and set them free. It seems that there is no law in the country to impede these outrageous activities of Kamal Guha, Robin Ghosh and co and courts and legal system of this country exists only to harass the members of the patriotic Hindu organizations. The reader should also recall that, in another occasion, this Kamal Guha and his goons snatched away the microphone of Manomohan Roy, a social worker of RSS, who was holding a meeting at Dinhata to arouse public awareness about the danger of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators at Dinhata. From the above narrations it becomes evident that the political party called the Forward Bloc is at present has been turned into an organization to blacken the name of Netaji and is causing much more harm to the Hindus than the infamous Indian Union of Muslim League. So it is not difficult to understand why Udayan Guha, the son of Kamal Guha would play fuss with H M Ershad at Dinhata.

But what is more astonishing is the behaviour of the common Hindus of Dinhata. Neither they raised any slogan like ‘Down with H M Ershad’ and nor they tried to throw a shoe to him. No one, during the over crowded press conference, asked him – “What motivated you to declare Islam as the state religion of Bangladesh and thus turning a seemingly secular country into a country of mediaeval Islamic fanaticism?” Nobody asked him – “You came to power as a military dictator and consequently declared yourself the President of Bangladesh. So you assumed the office of the President of Bangladesh through an undemocratic process, and hence you had no moral or ethical right to alter the constitution of Bangladesh. Then how could you take such a step that reduced the status of Bangladeshi Hindus to dhimmis? And how many years it would take for Bangladesh to redress your misdeed? Or could ever be possible to reverse that pernicious act?”

We may now turn to another aspect of the report that appeared in press. It has been reported that Ershad came to Dinhata with his 9-year-old son Eric. It has been pointed out above that Ershad is running 79 years 9 months and hence his son Eric was born when he was more that 70 years old. So it becomes evident that he has served Islam faithfully, in swelling the Muslim population up to the age of 70. This reflects his personal contribution to step up the Muslim population, the effort that has raised the same to 34.54 per cent in Dinhata block (both 1 and 2), 24.24 per cent in the Coochbihar district and 75.00 per cent in the adjacent district of Dhubri in Assam. One should also note that the above estimates are according to the Census Report of 2001 and today these figures have become still higher. The Hindus of Dinhata should ask this pertinent question to themselves – “How long they will be able to live at Dinhata?”

It is a pity for the inhabitants of the West Bengal. They are offering flower bouquet, sweets and respect (by touching his feet) to a fanatic Muslim leader, a military dictator who has reduced the Hindus of a neighbouring country to second grade citizens. And at the same time, they are showering hatred and pushing out a writer of the same country who is fighting for the human rights for the Hindus of that country. The name of that great lady is Taslima Nasrin. So, there is no other way but to appreciate this secularism and one should say, “Glory, to the progressiveness of the Hindus of West Bengal and glory to their secularism”. So far, this secularism has been the other name of hypocrisy, but from the behavioral pattern of the Hindus of Dinhata, one should conclude that the said secularism has turned into a disease. So, one should write sick-ularism in stead of secularism. This has become a dreaded disease like AIDS and every sane person must keep a distance from these sick-ularists to avoid a contamination. Anyone contaminated with this disease is destined to die. So, people should be protected against this dreaded ailment. This is a kind of rabies that takes away one’s conscience and moral sense, and deludes one of his memories causing severe amnesia. It makes one to forget even serious events like raping of his mother, his wife and his sisters. So, to save the Hindu society, there is no other way but to identify and isolate these sick-ulars infected with this dreaded disease.

We may now delve into the matter a bit to seek a correct reply to the question – “Why the Hindus of Dinhata did behave so foolishly in greeting their dear Peyarada, a staunch enemy of the Hindus?” The reader may recall that the recent Assembly Election in the state of Jharkhand, the result was indecisive. No single party got simple majority required to form a government. At this moment of crisis, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supported the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), the political party led by Sibu Soren, and formed a coalition government. This Sibu Soren, once regarded as the teacher and guide of the tribal people, was later on convicted in several cases of political murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but ultimately acquitted by the Supreme Court. In 1992, he was also convicted of taking bribe from the then Congress Prime Minister Narasimha Rao for extending his support and thus saving Rao’s government from an imminent collapse.

These facts and figures were more than enough to identify Sibu Soren as one of the most dishonest and criminal politicians of the country. At that time, BJP was too vocal against him and aroused nationwide condemnation. But now, the same BJP came forward to support him and form a coalition government with him, as mentioned above. The incident had inspired the political observers of India to paint BJP as an immoral, power-hungry and opportunist party. Though the allegations were correct, we should not raise my fingers towards BJP. Had BJP refrained from supporting JMM, would there been an honest government come up in Jharkhand? Perhaps not. Another immoral party would have come forward to help Sibu Soren. When all the political parties are dishonest and immoral, there is little chance for setting up an honest and moral government in any state, including Jharkhand.

We may look into the matter from a different viewpoint. Definitely, Sibu Soren was corrupt and dishonest and hence one might have declined to support him on that ground. But what is about the 18 MLAs, who had won election as candidates of JMM? Were all of them corrupt and deserve to be isolated? Even if one said that, as they had been guided and led by Sibu Soren, they were also immoral and dishonest, then what he would have said about the large number of voters who had voted them to win the election? Would it have been proper to paint these voters as immoral and corrupt and disown them? To keep the image of a party clean, BJP might have avoided to form the government with JMM. But what should have been its attitude towards this large number of voters?

Here lies the role of a truly nationalist and patriotic political party. The role of a political party is to educate the common people about politics based on principles of ethics, morality and patriotism, or to make the masses conscious about true and value based politics for achieving real good for the country and its people. During the British Raj, great patriotic leaders like Lokamanya Tilak, Madanmohan Malavya, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bepin Chandra Pal, S N Banerji, Sri Aurovindo, C R Das and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose tried their best to promote politics based on moral, ethical and patriotic principles. At that time, though the people were less educated, these honest leaders could implant the basic ideas of moral and ethical politics into the people with their influence.

But after independence, India began its journey on the road of Nehruvian politics based on top to toe hypocrisy, unbridled greed for power, cunningness, Himalayan lack of patriotism, false internationalism and lack of nationalism, revengefulness to the political opponents, fulfillment of personal ambition at the cost of national interest and so on and so forth. It is needless to say that the conspiracy involving M K Gandhi and the British Governor General Mountbatten was responsible for putting such a hypocrite and immoral person like Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm of this country which ultimately led to the ruin of the value based politics in the country. It is also true that to save the nation from the grip of this degraded and unpatriotic politics, Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherji and Dr B R Ambedkar resigned from the Nehru Cabinet and the former had to sacrifice his life in mysterious situation in Kashimir. (Many believe that the Prime Minister Nehru, to get rid of his most prominent political opponent, plotted a conspiracy with Shaikh Abdullah and assassinated Dr Mookherji).

Later on, guided by the same motive, farsighted Guruji Golwalkar, along with Shyama Prasad, Pundit Deendayal Upadhyay and Prof Balraj Madhok, formed the new political party called Bharatiya Janasangh. Steered by the farsight of Guruji, enriched with the goodwill of RSS and under the able leadership of Shyama Prasad, this new party looked for not only to contest election and acquire political power for the well-being of the nation, but also to inculcate sense of true politics free from evils among the masses and inspire in them deep love for the motherland and patriotism, and turning them into good citizens fit to carry out sacred national duties. So long, Pundit Deendayal Upadhyay was alive, the party was following the desired path. But after his assassination in 1968, the party got grossly derailed from original ideology and completely lost under the new name Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It abandoned the difficult task of educating the common people the politics of patriotism and took up the path of petty conspiratorial politics of compromise and gaining political power. So, at present one finds little difference between the Indian National Congress of Gandhi and Nehru and BJP. Most shamefully, its leaders have relinquished the path high ideals and doing politics only for personal benefit and making money.

As a result of these developments, there is not a single organization in today’s India that can teach the people of this country the things like patriotism, national duty, in addition to what is good and what is bad for the country and who is a friend and who is foe of the nation. Once upon a time, the people of this country regarded the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as an organization of this kind. But today, it has been so much engrossed in ongoing politics, being controlled by BJP, that it has completely lost its past glory. People today cannot trust RSS as an organization that is above the petty politics of grabbing political power.

Now, we may try to make the two ends meet. We have began with the most idiotic, ignorant and stupid behaviour, the people (or the Hindus) of Dinhata had displayed on the occasion of the visit of H M Ershad at that town. From the discussion given above, it is not difficult for the reader to understand that severe lack of political consciousness, lack to grasp the role of politics of National interest had played its role behind the aforementioned stupid behaviour of the people of Dinhata. Most importantly, who will take the responsibility of educating the masses in these aspects?

For an individual, who is little bit conscious about the goings on the country, it is not difficult to notice that media, including newspapers or television channels, has emerged as the patron of today’s system of education, may it be bad or disgraceful. People becomes conscious and forms their opinion only about those issues that are focused by the media. While the issues, though of extreme national importance, ignored by the media, people remains in the dark bout those issues. And hence they are not redressed. One should understand that the media is there not to discuss ethics but to do business, make money and thus survive stiff competition. One should also notice that, it is the skill of the media that leads the culprits of the Jessica Lal murder case to escape conviction. It is the similar skill that drags the Ruchika rape case through decades. It is also the underhand game of media leading to suspension of the Commissioner of Police of Kolkata Police in the Rezwanur suicide case and it is the insidious role of the media that motivates the government to release the dreaded terrorist Masud Azahar from Kashmir jail.

Furthermore, it is the Indian media that had once projected a sparingly educated airplane operator into a great leader to make him the Prime Minister and later on turned his widow, an Italian waitress, into a top national leader. At present, the same media is busy in turning the uneducated son of that Italian lady into a national leader of exception. On the contrary, this media is consciously suppressing the affairs of the courageous Bangladeshi lady who has launched a total war, at the risk of her life, against the most inhuman and barbaric creed called Islam. This mischievous act of the media is keeping the people of this country unaware about the heroic contributions of that Bangladeshi lady Taslima Nasrin and thus keeping them incapable to shower their sympathy and good wishes to her.

Who are running this media business? Not the highly qualified editors, or the Board of Editor, or the highly educated journalists. Like any other business, it is being run by the owners, proprietors or the Board or Directors. These are the people, who decide which piece of information is to be highlighted and which is to be suppressed, and thus guide the opinion formation of common masses. How many are they? At most 200 or so! So, public opinion, public sentiment, or in other words, the consciousness of the hoi polloi could be guided in a desired direction, if these 200 media owners could be purchased. Hence, it becomes evident that money, both domestic and foreign, is playing the ultimate role in guiding 1.12 billion people of this country, guiding their political consciousness and views.

So, there is none to educate and guide the people of this country in the right direction. As a result, corrupt political leaders like N D Tewari, Sibu Soren, Lalu Jadav, Rajib Pratap Rudy, Babubhai Kataria etc. are contesting and winning elections, and consequently forming governments. This environment of corrupt politics, lack of correct political education and lack of able leadership are influencing the people of this country, including the people of Dinhata, to behave in the most stupid and ignorant way. The existing legal system may convict and punish some offender politicians, but it cannot take up the job of educating the people. In fact, there is no short cut path to educate the masses. However, someone has to come forward and take up this responsibility.