Sunday, December 5, 2010

Court Verdict on Ayodhya is a Historical Victory for Hindus BUT.........

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

In an environment of uncertainty and tension, spreading over the entire country, Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court has given its Verdict on the disputed adjoining land of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya. The verdict is a great victory for the entire Hindu community of India, as well as a shameful defeat of the so called secular and Muslim-appeasing intellectuals and the Marxist historians. All the three Judges of the Lucknow Bench unanimously ruled that (1) the spot of land is the birth place of Lord Ram and (2) there exists remains a grand archaeological evidence beneath the earth. All the three Judges were unanimous about the above two points of the case while one of them differed on the point of allotting one third of the land to the land to the Sunni Wakf Board..

More importantly, the faith (the spot is the birth place of Ram) of more than a billion Hindus has been accepted by the court of law. At the same time, the Court has also admitted the truth, that there was a Hindu structure (temple) which was pulled down by the Muslim invader Babur and transformed into a mosque (though no court order has yet mentioned that altered and disputed structure was a mosque). Now that they have been defeated in the court, the Marxist historians, who are also acolytes of the Nehru dynasty, are distressed that the Honourable Judges of the High Court have depended more on the Hindu religious belief than the historical facts and logic. But the fact is, that these historians are the same people who ignore logic and archaeological evidence. And they also do not respect a court verdict as well.

There are millions of temples around the world dedicated to the deity of Ram, then why is this particular place called the ‘Janmasthan’. The reason is very simple – from milleniums, Hindus are convinced that this is the place where birth of Lord Ram took place. Even when Babur converted the temple into a mosque with three domes, billions of Hindus still continued to believe it as the Janmabhoomi Temple and circumambulate (panchakoshi or chouddakoshi parikrama) that converted structure. And there is no doubt, that the High Court has delivered its verdict on the basis of all these infallible facts and declared the spot to be the birth-place of Lord Ram.

It is also important that the court has not delivered its verdict on any hearsay that there is a temple underneath the present structure but on the report prepared by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), a Government of India undertaking. The court also sought the opinion of the foreign experts who examined the place by digging more than 50 tunnels more than and carrying out experiments with most modern instruments. As a result of these experiments, the officers of ASI believe that still there lay a very large structure beneath the present one. These are not speculation but a reality as well as scientific evidence.

So, it becomes evident that in 1528 CE, Babur did not build the mosque so that the handful Muslims of his time in Ayodhya could offer their prayer to Allah, but to insult the religious sentiment of the Hindus.

However, are the Marxist and secular historians ready to answer a few questions?

How come the Kashi Viswanath Temple in Benaras and the Sri Krishna Janmasthan Temple at Mathura ended up getting converted to mosques? Did they come from heavens? If not, who had done that and why? It was the creations of Aurangzeb who belonged to the 6th generation of Babur. These people were foreign aggressors. From Babur to Aurangzeb, these aggressors lived in this country. But that could not weaken their temple breaking policy. And it is still surviving. This tradition tempted the Muslims of Deganga to break the temple and the idol of Kali, on September 6, 2010, and desecrate the spot by urinating. The tradition is continuing even after 482 years.

Starting from Mehmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, Babur, Aurangzeb to today’s Maklujar Rahman Baidya of Deganga, all are following the same tradition. As a result of this tradition, the people like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, BJP leader L K Advani, Communist leader Jyoti Basu, Pramod Dasgupta, Buddha (Chief Minister of West Bengal), Biman Basu, author Sunil Ganguli, Shirshendu,, Priya-Mamata (current Union Railway Minister) –Sougata Ray etc. had to leave their ancestral house and take shelter in West Bengal and other parts of India as refugees. But their stupidity still persists. They are still supporting the Indian version of secularism which is synonym of Muslim appeasement.

They are still engrossed with the idea of secularism that in near future they have to surrender the West Bengal to the Muslims. The court verdict on Ayodhya may help Muslims open their eyes, but these secularists would never come to their senses. They would never wake up even if their land and properties are grabbed again, gold and valuables are looted again and even if there mothers, sisters and daughters are hurt in front of their eyes. But it would be a great achievement if the common people get alert, by the court verdict on Ayodhya, about their secular leaders.

Now we shall discuss another side of the court verdict, even if it may appear unpleasant to many. Many Hundu leaders are considering it as a big victory for the Hindus, but I beg to differ. I apprehend that court verdict may give rise to some form of uproar throughout the country. The court order wants to maintain the present status quo for next three months. When these three months are over, Muslims would raise their demand to hold prayer (namaz) in the one-third portion of the land allotted to them.

Another point I have an issue with is, that there is no mentioning of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Trust (called the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas) in the court verdict. The third party in this case is Lord Ram Himself. Only his devotees have contested the legal battle on His behalf. Who have won the case? The deity of Ramlala Himself? And hence the sanctum of the temple would be the place of idol of Lord Ram, but who will build the temple? It would not be possible for the Deity of Ram to tell someone – “You build the temple”. Who will build the temple? And that would be the moment when government would come into the picture. Hence, as a matter of fact, the organization that started the Ram Mandir movement, who collected funds for building the temple, and went unrecognized in the court verdict.

We have now reached the concluding part of this article. A new phase of the movement soon start, so that the remaining hurdles can be removed fromm the path of the new Temple. The moot question though still is, whether Hindu Samhati (HS) would join the movement? Most people may be amazed to know that, I do not find it right or logical for the HS to join the movement. Many may also be displeased but I am helpless. I cannot lead my comrades and my sympathizers astray. One cannot assure me that another movement for building a temple will ultimately lead to building a temple.

I ask the reader two questions. Firstly, from 1986 to 1992, the movement for temple building was the most wide-spread one after independence. Do the Hindu organizations, at present, have capability of organizing a more wide-spread movement? I can say, no. So, is it now possible to build a temple, by over-coming all the above mentioned hurdles? If it is not possible, then starting a new movement would be meaningless. Then, why should there be a new movement? To speak the truth, simply to gain political mileage, and that is reason why common Hindus considering temple movement a treachery.

In reality, it was true. Only a few people were gathered to join the program. Then we have seen the program of chanting of the victory mantra – “Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram” with no visible result. Only one year ago, we have seen the “Vishwa Gau-gram Yatra”. Did any one have seen a result of that movement? (One should notice that both the above mentioned programs reflect an attitude of compromise, not resistance against the well defined adversary). So, it was not possible to build up a movement that we have observed in the decade of 90. If at this moment, we encourage our members to take part in the temple-building movement, that would certainly weaken the struggle for saving West Bengal from Islamization. And that would be suicidal for the Hindus of West Bengal.

In this context, the reader may recall that during the freedom struggle, when the Hindus of East Bengal were fighting against the British colonialists, they did not care that they were going to be landless soon. And as a result, when they obtained freedom, they were turned into refugees. They obtained freedom with partition. But at present, if we focus on temple building, our attention would be shifted from the aim of preserving our geographical boundaries. That would be disastrous for the Hindus of West Bengal.

The reader may also recall, in 1990’s, when the temple-building movement was at its peak, on June 6, 1990, Hindus were driven out en-masse from Kashnir and that too, not by the back door but by a declared policy. So, I ask the hindu leaders – Why the temple movement with its Hindu wakening could not preserve the Hindus’ land in Kashmir? Today, the state of West Bengal is approaching the similar threat. It might become more disastrous that what had happened in Kashmir. A man, whose house has been set on fire, his first and foremost duty is to put out the fire. At that time, it is his most important duty. Hindu scriptures designate such a duty as “Aapat Dharma”. We have to protect our land first and then we shall turn on the problem of temple building. We should not build the temple as refugees. At first, we should stand on our own land with our heads high and then we shall build our temple. So, the Hindus of West Bengal today have to observe the “Aapat Dharma.”

Sunday, November 21, 2010

KASHMIRIYAT : What Exactly Is That?

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Kashmir is again a hot spot. On the roads of Srinagar CRPF jawans are shooting dead the Kashmiri youth and when the CRPF jawan is put at bay, he is getting mercilessly lynched by Kashmiri youths. On the screen of TV, we are daily observing scores of Kashmiri teen agers hurling stones at our security forces. Those stones have become a highly potent murderous weapon, much worse than guns and bombs. Army had to be called in. So, in Kashmir PEACE is now elusive. Mother India will keep on bleeding white from this vicious wound called Kashmir.

Even amidst this painful process, something else can't be overlooked. The central minister and Congress leader Mani Shankar Ayer is clearly blaming the security forces on TV screen. He is telling that CRPF should exercise more restraint while dealing with the teen agers. The secretary of his home ministry on the other hand states that CRPF is exercising utmost restraint. Is this a mere dichotomy of thinking or is it a double standard pandering to a sinister political design? It is not clear as to what is the real opinion of the central Govt. albeit it's de facto controller Madam Sonia Gandhi. Mufti, Jeelani, Gilani, Yasin and the likes are always castigating the security forces. The real perpetrators of this conspiracy from Pakistan are however fully relishing this.

Investigation has revealed that the militant organizations in Pakistan are funding this whole activity of stone throwing demonstrations. This fund is channeled by ISI and this infamous body is the de facto controller of Govt. of Pakistan. Their sinister plan is gradually moving towards a total success and that needs to be thwarted by any means.

After the Jihadist attack in Mumbai on 26/11/ 2008, Govt. of India showed some apparently angry stance regarding their dialogue with Pakistan. That period of utter hypocrisy is now over. Again period of dialogue has set in. Pakistan as usual is adhering to Ayub Khan's policy of 'Thousand Cuts'. Sometimes this manifestation is in the form of Grenade or AK 47 in the hands of Kassav, sometimes it is in the form of stone throwing Kashmiri Adolescents.

After every dialogue, all the Pakistani leaders are harping on only one point. That is Kashmir. Kashmir is the main problem. Once the Kashmir problem gets solved, India Pakistan friendship would be a cakewalk. However, history from immemorial has proved that subjugation to appeasement leads to further Islamic expansionism and in lieu of a mitigator it acts as a catalyst aggravator. This very same idea of Pakistani leaders gets echoed by the extremist, secessionist leaders of Kashmir. A perfect resonance between these secessionist and Pakistani leaders.

So, we need to contemplate on Kashmir. What is the main problem revolving around Kashmir? Before we get into this main problem, let us highlight some important facts about Kashmir.

The name of the state is Jammu & Kashmir, '' J & K" in short. It is a Muslim majority state. The inhabitants of this state can buy land in any other Indian state, can permanently settle there and carry out any commercial activity. But, on the contrary, no Indian citizen from any other state, not even the President and Prime Minister of India can buy an iota of land in Kashmir. Indian constitution has conferred this special provision for Kashmir. This is known as article 370.This only applicable to the state of J & K and not for any other state in India. Be patient, my dear reader. More is yet to come. All citizens of India are Indian citizens but for Kashmir the case is different. There principle of Dual citizenship applies. Indian citizenship as well as State Citizenship. This later is completely under the jurisdiction of the state. That is a state subject. So, J & K STATE CONFERS THIS CITIZENSHIP, not the central govt., not the home ministry, not the election commission of India. This dual citizenship is protected by section 370.This is the very article for abrogation of which Shyama Prasaad Mukherjee sacrificed his life---' Ek Nishan' , 'Ek Bidhan', 'Ek Pradhan', i.e. --- One Flag, One Constitution, One Head.

Owing to this article lakhs of Hindu lead a cursed life in J&K.

After partition of India in 1947, Manmohan Singh & Advani fled from Pakistan (or rather hounded out) and became Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. But Hindu and Sikh refugees who settled in J& K became Indian citizens but could not get state citizenship. They are entitled to vote in the parliamentary election of India but not lucky enough to exercise their franchise for the state assembly. This is the contribution of article 370. There are more to consume, my dear reader. No law passed in the parliament of India can be put in force in J&K unless and until the same gets passed in the state legislative assembly. So, this is a country within another country, a state within another state, a federal structure within a federal structure. The person, the chief architect of this wonderful arrangement is tragically a Kashmiri Brahmin, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU by name. An irony of fate! A real irony! His lust and affinity for a British lady has cost the country such a terrible price, a nightmare, a cancerous malignant growth, a gangrenous wound.

It is not only this article 370. It is not only this vexing issue of ' country within a country'. This state is just a parasite for rest of India. Rice, wheat, sugar salt, pulse----and all other essential items have to be provided to the state at a huge subsidy. Many other facilities and amenities are provided to the state at the cost of rest of India. Kashmir is just a sucking needle from the economic blood stream of India.

Even after so much of appeasement, Kashmir could not be won over. To keep Kashmir within India and make it an integral part thereof, more than half a million of Indian soldiers and security forces are deployed over there. We are presenting them rice, wheat and every sort of material and financial support. In return, they do present us back 3.5 lakhs HINDU REFUGEES and every week minimum 5 corpses of Indian soldiers.

Now, let me disclose what the real problem of Kashmir is! They say, I mean the Kashmiri Muslims say that Kashmir is a special place. It is the real heaven on the earth. Nature (in their doctrine-- Allahtala) has prepared it with special touch. The soil, water, climate, environment---everything is distinct here, very different from India. So, the culture of Kashmir as a whole is different from the culture of rest of India. They have named this culture as Kashmiriyat. This culture is priceless, very soft and tender and touchy and can be trampled by anything exogeneous. So, this special culture has to be preserved at any cost and for that purpose freedom for Kashmir is a must. Azad Kashmir is a must. The inference is very simple, Kashmiris are not Indians, they are a different nation. My dear reader--" Are you not hearing the Echo of Jinnah's demands in this?”

One section of them is of the opinion that Kashmir be snatched away from India and ceded to Pakistan. Therein lays total satisfaction of their soul. However, imperialist India is just not letting it happen. So, at least, autonomy is needed to preserve this 'Kashmiriyat'.

Let us now delve into what this Kashmiriyat actually stands for. If the special climate or atmosphere imparts some special characteristics to the populace over there, then those traits would be shared by one and all over there irrespective of their language or religion. Those characteristics are collectively known as the culture of that place and the older the inhabitants stay there over generations the more deep rooted the culture would get inculcated.

History tells us already as to who are living in Kashmir from the yore, who have an older lineage? The Hindus or the Muslims. Kashmir has been named after the great sage Kshyap. During the period of Kashyap Muni, Muslims were neither in Kashmir nor anywhere else on the earth. The very age-old pilgrimage in Kashmir is Amarnath where God Shiva narrated Goddess Parvati the theory of immortality. Even today lakhs of Hindus pay pilgrimage to Amarnath. Were the Muslims present at that time when these anecdotes were in place or when this pilgrimage started? Who composed and created those anecdotes? Were they not Hindus? The old history of Kashmir 'Rajtarangini' was written by the great historian Kalhan. Were the Muslims present then? Amarnath is situated in the district of Anantnag. Is this Anantnag not referred to in the Vedas and Purans? Has this Anantnag got any reference in Koran and Hadees? Is Anantnag outside the purview of Kashmiri culture? These so called proponents of Kashmiriyat have changed the name of Anantnag and have written everywhere instead 'Islamabad'. So, Islamabad is now a part of Kashmiriyat. In the history of Kashmir --- which is older 'Anantnag' or 'Islamabad'?

In Srinagar, on the banks of Dal Lake high atop the hill lies the old temple of Shankaracharya. In Punch Bura Amarnath temple, in Jammu the world famous Vaishnodevi, Raghunath temple, Kheerbhavani temple etc. date back more than thousand years. Vedic hymns are chanted in these temples over thousand years. These are part and parcel of Kashmiri culture; these are embedded in Kashmiri culture over thousands of years. Stepping these aside and ignoring these basic tenets of Kashmiri culture, the proponents of Kashmiriyat are emphasizing on beard, phase cap, veil, namaj, azan, nara-e-takdir etc. which have descended much later into the soils of Kashmir.

If Kashmiri culture is so dependent on climatic pleasure or topographic serene beauty, then why the sons of soil of Kashmir from time immemorial, the HINDUS, were tortured psychologically and physically and ultimately kicked out of Kashmir? Why more than three thousand temples in Kashmir were reduced to rubbles? If Kashmiriyat be an exclusive cultural identity, then why the proponents of Kashmiriyat are so hand in glove with the Pakistanis? Why the Kashmiri youth get terrorist training in militant camps in Pakistan and bomb innocent Indian citizens in Delhi and other places? Is it Kashmiriyat?

Yes, my dear friend, this is exactly what so called Kashmiriyat stands for. This name is a big hoax, an out and out bluff, a deception, a chicanery. I repeat this is but a master bluff. If you peel off the cover, you would come to know its true identity. This is but PURE ISLAMIYAT. True to the tradition of pure Islamiyat, the non-Muslims are hunted out there. That is the reason why the original sons of the soil, Kashmiri Pandits find no place in their ancestral home and hearth. Over more than 20 years, they are stacked in refugee camps in Delhi and Jammu. Kashmiriyat is a mask for Islamiyat. Time is now ripe to expose the true nature of Kashmiriyat to the entire world.

The way Islamiyat is breeding terror all over the world, perpetrating communal frenzy over all hues of Non-Muslims in all its ramifications as and when the situation suits to their evil, sinister spirit. The same way this proponent of Islamiyat in the guise of Kashmiriyat is bleeding Kashmir white. If they are appeased further, they would turn or at least attempt to turn the rest of India the same way. We just can't allow this to happen. We have to resist this sinister design emanating from Islamiyat by all means. We can't afford to allow India to go Kashmir way; we have to Indianize Kashmir.

In order to attain the above goal, we need to make bare the mask of Kashmiriyat which is but hard core Islamiyat. We need to deal with the Islamiyat with an iron fist. We need a non-hypocrite political approach, a transparent outlook and firm determination. It is the iron will that will carry us through and absence of which will make our enemies triumphant and long cherished dream of Islamiyat will come true.

Our clear cut guidelines will be as follows:-

* To annul all special rights and privileges for J&K.

* To abrogate article 370 without any further delay

*The retired army personnel from all over India should settle in Kashmir.

*To change the demography of Kashmir.

*Those who speak of cessation should be put behind the bar.

*All Pakistani agents should be put to death.

* To rehabilitate all Kashmiri Pundits. (3.5 lakhs of them are already in refugee camps).

* To reconstruct all destroyed temples at the hands of these Jihadists. (More than 3000 destroyed).

*To arm all Hindus in Kashmir valley at Govt. initiative.

Our Shyama Prasad Mukherjee made a supreme sacrifice at the altar of motherland to fight out the separatist and divisive forces in Kashmir. We shall never and never allow his sacred blood to go waste. Kashmir named under the great Kashyap Muni, Kashmir that beholds Amarnath, Kashmir that beholds Anantnag was, is and shall be an integral part of India.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deepabali Greetings From Tapan Kumar Ghosh


On the auspicious occasion of Deepabali, celebrating the home coming of Sri Ramachandra and the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Sri Krishna, I convey my best wishes to all on behalf of Hindu Samhati.

On this hallowed occasion marking the TRIUMPH of Sacred over Evil, I have but one Prayer. I pray that all Hindus whose forefathers have been driven out of their homes by the Islamic aggressors from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Kashmir to Assam or from any other part of Akhand Bharat, observe this day by taking a vow. Let us solemnly resolve that one day they will return to their ancestral home after defeating the Jihadi Ravanas of Kali Yuga - just like Sri Ramachandra eliminated Ravana of Treta Yuga and just like Sri Krishna eliminated the demon Narakasura of Dwapara Yuga.

From Kamakhya to Dhakeshwari, From Kalighat to Kanyakumari, From Hinglaj to Durgiana, One Billion Hindus will be celebrating Deepavali by worshipping Devi Matrika (the Mother-Goddess). Let us all pray to Bhavatarini, the redeemer of the world, to protect the homelands of the Hindus from devastation, to save the honor of our women and provide strength to our youth. Let Shakti Devi provide us the courage to fight back against persecution.

We beseech Maha Kali for her invincible power and blessings so that we too can perform the same sacred duty she did while slaying the demon Rakta-beeja. We are yet to get justice in the hallowed grounds of Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. We have no movements to wrest full control over the most venerable temples at Mathura and Kashi, or the thousands of other Hindu pilgrimage sites that either remain desecrated or are under the control of the Jihadis. Let us pray on this sacred day to obtain justice for reclaiming these holy places.

In more recent times, the same Jihadi hordes led by Member of Parliament, Haji Nurul Islam committed untold atrocities on the beleaguered Hindus of Deganga, located in Barasat Subdivision of North 24 Parganas. Starting Monday, 6th September, 2010, Hindus have suffered relentless persecution with regards to accessing the road leading to Chattal co-operative society temple in Deganga. Hindu temples, homes as well as shops owned by Hindus were ransacked. Directly lead by Haji Nurul Islam, several Hindu Deities were broken, the treasury box looted and the temple desecrated by urinating on the broken Deities. Taking advantage of the prevailing situation, the miscreants illegally put up a loudspeaker over Deganga mosque on the 6th of September. Households owned by Hindus were selected and set on fire in addition to sexually abusing individual women of the same homes. Fearing for their lives, thousands of Hindu residents from approximately 8 villages fled the area.

This Islamic persecution was opposed tooth-and-nail by Hindu Samhati’s brave activists. 15,000 Hindu Samhati activists led a “Deganga Chalo” rally in Barasat which led to the unjust incarceration of 6 senior Hindu Samhati workers, including our senior leaders, for 26 days in Dumdum Central Jail. There were also large protests in the heart of Kolkata by thousands of Hindu Samhati activists. The Deganga Durga Puja Samanvay Committee organized a massive protest rally against the local administration and corrupt TMC political leaders where more than 500 local Hindus from all neighboring villages, joined this “Dhikkar” rally either on foot, bicycles, motor Bikes or on auto rickshaws.

In an unprecedented protest, Durga Puja, the biggest festival of Deganga's Hindus, was boycotted by all the Puja committees of the Deganga area to register their strong protest against the inability of the local administration and police to protect local Hindus from barbaric and meticulously planned attacks by the Muslims. As a result, 42 Puja Mandaps across Deganga Block went empty.

The second exile of Sri Rama which began in 1528 CE continues till this day. Since then, there have been at least 76 battles waged by Hindu society to reinstate Sri Rama back on the throne of Ayodhya, the most recent battles being in 1990 and 1992. For the past five centuries, over 300,000 Hindus have sacrificed their lives to bring Sri Rama back from his second exile. But last month, the Hindus were coerced into yet another setback in Ayodhya whereas Babur’s barbarian followers were rewarded with one-third of the sacred land of Sri Rama Janmabhoomi.

Hindu Samaj is expected to gift away their sacred land to those who adore the genocidal invaders of India even though the Prayag High Court admits that there is overwhelming archeological evidence (submitted by the Archeological Survey of India and further explored by international experts by laser guided studies) that the Babri structure was built after demolishing an ancient Hindu temple at the same site. This historical truth was confirmed by the ASI by using Ground Penetrating Radar studies and documenting them very painstakingly in its report . This travesty is an epic example of blatant appeasement of Muslims, especially the Islamists that have anything but complete hatred against the Sanatana Dharma while overlooking both the conclusive archaeological evidence and the religious sentiments of over one billion Hindus living in India and around the world. Do the administration and judiciary indeed believe in the motto: “Satyameva Jayate”? If so, let them ponder over their actions and introspect deeply about the consequences.

Ayodhya is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are over 30,000 ancient Hindu temples which were destroyed by Islamic invaders who built victory mosques over the remains of these demolished temples. Initially, the magnanimous Hindus do not ask for all of these holy places to be returned. All the Hindus asked for were that the three most hallowed sites of the Hindus, inAyodhya, Mathura and Kashi be returned. That is all that was required to correct the historical injustices the peaceful Hindu silently suffered at the hands of barbaric Islamic marauders. But similar to the evil Kauravas in the Mahabharata who refused to hand over even a needle-point of land to the just Pandavas and faced dire consequences in the Dharma yuddha at Kurukshetra, we are seeing a similar reaction from the totalitarian Islamic hordes who refuse to acknowledge the mistakes of the past and refuse to hand over even these 3 sacred sites of the Hindus.

It is also quite revealing to see that since 1993, the cowardly political parties have developed cold feet and refused to launch or participate in agitational movements for the return of these 3 sacred sites, leave alone the remaining 30,000 Hindu sites. By faltering and shedding its fighting spirit, the so-called Hindu political parties tacitly turned the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple at Mathura and Kashi Vishwanath Mandir into essentially “non-movements”.

In spite of this adversity, Hindu Samhati requests the Hindus everywhere to not lose hope, but to instead agitate relentlessly for their rights. Let us dwell on this profound axiom from the Mahabharata: “Yato Dharma, Tato Jayah” meaning “Where there is Dharma, there will be Victory”. But Hindu society must also remember that “Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah” meaning Dharma protects the people only when the people defend Dharma. Therefore, your concerted efforts for the protection of the Hindu value system in the eastern part of India will protect the Hindus in not only this part of India but all of India and over the world.

Every Hindu Must Take an Oath on This Sacred Occasion to Fight Against the Asuras (Jehadi Demons) of Today. 

And so we shall pray together to the Mother Goddess…

Om asatoma sat gamaya, tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, mrityorma amritam gamayo

Lead us from Falsehood to Truth
Lead us from Darkness to Light
Lead us from Death to Immortality

Vande Mataram

President, Hindu Samhati

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hindu Society Needs Total Hindu Solidarity and Kshatriya Spirit

Tapan Ghosh's Speech at New York on the Occasion of Hindu Sangathan Divas
August 8th, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me first offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the organizers of this Hindu convention for offering me the opportunity of visiting this great country and to interact with a people who had always expressed their highest regard for Hindu Dharma.

As it is known and acknowledged, the Hindu civilization of India has made an immense contribution towards the advancement of humanity and human civilization across the world. From ancient times Hindus have made the most significant contributions in the fields of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, art, music and last but most important, in the field of spirituality and divine cognition. The nectar of Hindu spiritual doctrines and practices was practically rediscoverd by the west in the 20th century and many a harried westerner, worn down by the hectic pace of a technology and money driven life has found solace in the transcendental path of yogic practices and the ancient Vedic spirituality.
But it pains me to mention that this effulgent fount of goodness and wisdom is now itself in jeopardy as the position and situation of the Hindus in India itself is becoming tenuous. It is not the Hindus but Hindu Dharma is under siege in India as anything remotely Hindu is labeled as reactionary, regressive and potentially dangerous by the government and the communist dominated media. As history is our witness, plurality of the Indian society is not a sudden development of the 20th century. The Hindus had always been a tolerant people who graciously offered shelter and freedom of conscience to many a persecuted race and faiths throughout history.

It is in the name of this same tolerance that the Hindus are being persecuted in their own land. The ruling classes appease a defiant and aggressive minority just to cling to power and the all powerful mandarins of the Indian media play the role of the three wise monkeys in subservience to a self inflicted slavery to a discredited ideology. In the India of today it is as if the Hindu can do no right. The government turns a deaf ear to his pleas for justice and the media just sweeps under the carpet all the atrocities committed against the Hindu, even rape and murder.
Today the world is waking up to the danger of a phenomenon that the Hindus of India has been suffering through for the past 1200 years. The phenomenon now known as Pan Islamic terrorism. A worldwide community of believers whose cohesiveness of consensus expedited by the blinding speed and extensive reach of modern information technology has, like a thundercloud, burst upon a world avidly tending its own material prosperity and intent upon practicing the more tender aspects of Human existence.

Wherever the Hindu resists, he has to resist alone. Atrocities are being committed against Hindus everywhere in India. Everywhere the Hindu hearth home and honour is under assault. But be it Assam, West Bengal, Kashmir or Kerala, the Hindu fights alone. The plight of the Hindu in Kerala doesn’t move much the Hindu in Assam. The distress of the Kashmiri Hindu doesn’t disturb the complacent slumber of the Tamil Hindu. While even at the slightest of provocation the shrill hue and cry of the Ummah across the globe practically rents the sky. The government scurry for cover and the media literally froths at the mouth.

At this juncture a sense of cohesiveness, a feeling that the community is an extension of one’s own self and an understanding that an attack upon any part of the community is an attack upon the whole Hindu world, has become not a necessity, but an imperative for Hindu society. The Hindu society now needs Hindu Solidarity.. We cannot survive without a cohesive body of opinion, if not of assistance, behind us. Throughout history the Hindu has fought against impossible odds, and that is the reason why we are the world’s oldest and still the third largest religion But if we do not wake up now, that may well become history.
This current tension in Indian society between its own Hindu cultural roots and values and loyalty and blind obeisance towards extra territorial ideals and ideologies, a legacy of colonial rule, has created a centrifugal force of such proportions that it has made us lose the moorings in three major guiding streams of modern society – polity, media and academia. India is trying to forge ahead without knowing where it is going and what it will become in the process of such endeavour. Today we have a government that does not want to admit that it governs a predominantly Hindu country, a media that wants the country to shed every vestige of its Hindu culture and literally to be ashamed of it and an academia that is bent on instructing rather than educating. Teaching of our cultural ethos and glorious Darshanas have largely been eschewed by the academia.

The mainstream academia is slowly pushing our ancient Sanskrit language over the edge and the teaching of Ramayan and Mahabharat, the two epics which are taken to be the fountainhead of our culture and traditions, have been stopped in schools long back. It must be remembered that when in the 19th century, thousands of Hindu indentured labourers came to the West Indies – in sailing ships- to work in the sugarcane plantations, it was only the Ramayan, especially the Ramcharitmanas of Goswami Tulsidas, which preserved the precious link between them and their distant Punyabhoomi. It was the study of Ramcharitmanas that moored these uprooted people to their Hindu faith. Today the sons and daughters of these indentured labourers rule nations, in theWest Indies. And it is by trying to sever this mooring to one’s own culture and faith that present India finds herself adrift in a sea of chaos.
It is not only that we are besieged from without but from within too. As we all know the general hindu has no dearth of faith. In his or her mind there is always a great devotion for the dharma. Unfortunately it is the popular interpretation of the dharma which has abandoned the devotee. The current practice of dharma has completely ignored the solidarity aspect of the faith and has emphasized solely on the individual. Likewise it has abandoned the social and concentrated on the ritual.

The present Hindu is immersed in bhajan kirtan and performing a hundred and one rituals but he is blissfully oblivious to the happenings of the Hindu society or to the plight of other sections of the Hindu society other than himself. One goes to the temple in an individual capacity, performs ones private puja, thinks about ones personal success or salvation and leaves. One rarely goes there to experience the elation of being a part of a community.
The priests and the myriad gurus of the Hindu faith have also surrendered their traditional roles for providing both spiritual and temporal guidance to the community. Millions visit the Hindu temples and millions more visit the ashrams of various Gurus. Great devotional congregations or satsangs are held nearly every day. But the priests only busy themselves in reciting the mantras and carrying out the rituals in the minutest detail and the Gurus are only interested in discussing spirituality.

The current state of events, the current tribulations and aggressions confronting the Hindu society or even a specific problem regarding a specific time or place is never discussed. What this aristocracy of faith forgets is that the temple or the ashram is the only place where people gather as Hindus – sublimating their all other identities as father, mother, husband, wife, professional, taxpayer, landholder, landless - everything. And the foremost requirement of spirituality is that the spirit needs a body to reside in. Otherwise it becomes it extremely difficult for the etheric constituent of the spirit to be anchored to this corporeal world. If the body disintegrates, the spirit along with spirituality evaporates. It was Shri Ramchandra who gave the first lesson of patriotism to the Hindu nation as he uttered the shloka “janani janmabhumishcha swargadapi gariyasi” – one’s mother and one’s motherland are more glorious than heaven itself.

It was the five Pandava brothers and Shri Krishna who staked their lives and honour in the battlefield of Kurukshetra and oversaw the destruction of their entire clans for upholding Dharma. When the gurus discuss Bhagwad Geeta, they concentrate upon the mores of salvation. The never discuss the scene where Arjun, utterly dejected at the thought of destroying his own kin who are arrayed against him, faces Krishna and the Lord says “hatova prapsasi swargam jeetwava bhokshashey mahim, tasmaduttishtha kaunteya yuddhaya kritanishchaya” – if you die in battle you shall achieve heaven, if you win you shall enjoy the earth, therefore O son of Kunti, stand up and fight resolutely.
Our current day Gurus rattle incessantly to love and devote oneself to the faith. But never once do they mention that if you love your dharma you must do whatever is necessary to protect that object of veneration. And that is exactly what our Rishis and Mahapurushes taught us.
Mark my words, if Hindu Dharma sees its demise from the Punya bhoomi of Bharat, the day wont be far when its vestiges from the rest of the world would be sniffed out for eternity.

A society or a community that cannot defend itself against any form of aggression does not survive. It is a law of nature. As aggression is natural in any natural organism so is the instinct to preserve oneself from extinction. Every community needs a sword arm, to protect itself against aggression overt or covert. This is what makes the role of a kshatriya or warrior important in a community and in periods of turmoil and conflict, paramount. Hindu society is under attack from every direction and in every manner. The need of the hour is to reignite our kshatriya spirit and stand resolutely. An eminent scholar Dr. David Frawley points out correctly that Hindu society needs intellectual kshatriyas to do battle with the nefarious and malignant assault of the communist dominated media and academia against the Hindu faith. With that we also affirm the need of a vocational kshatriya, who would not simply seethe with indignation or write books or pamphlets but resolutely take the necessary steps to resist aggression on the ground. And in todays world it is the so called lower classes who are fulfilling the role of this vocational kshatriya. This huge but silent section of the society has been utterly neglected by the upper echelons of Hindu society for ages. Nevertheless it is their faith and fortitude and readiness to action that has borne the brunt of aggression and kept Hindu society intact.
Through the nightmare periods of Islamic invasions the whole of Hindu society suffered regardless of rank or status. But the so called upper classes had at least their social prestiege to solace themselves the lower classes had none. Yet they suffered silently when inevitable and fought valiantly whenever opportunity presented itself. Even under the most soul crushing oppression never did they give up their faith.
This trend continues even today throughout India. In the rural and semi urban regions of West Bengal and Assam, where I have a first hand experience of the situation, when things becomes unbearable the upper classes sell or abandon their properties and leave. It is the so called lower classes who bites the bullet and stand firm in resistance. It is their strength, courage and fortitude that has kept the Hindu existence from being wiped out from these regions in the face of Jihadi aggression fuelled by petro dollars, Islamic mafia money and the willing or purchased connivance of the communist intelligentsia.
Ladies and gentlemen, the imperative need of the hour, the vocational kshatriya, shall come from these so called urban and rural lower classes, as they always have. They are the new sword arm of Hindu Dharma, Shri Ram’s bow and Shri Krishna’s Chakra .. It is the strength of their arms and the stoutness of their hearts that we depend upon for the protection of Dharma. In the midst of all our material success and social advancement let us not deny anyone of us the honour, respect and assistance we deserve. Let us Unite. From now and for Millenias to come.
We owe it to our past and to our future.
Hindu Samhati has embarked on this path and we hope that you stand with us in every step of the way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shyama Prasad Mookerjee - A Martyr of 23rd June

Shyama Prasad Mookerjee - A Martyr of 23rd June

Can thou recall this tearful and painful day, Oh, Youths of Bengal! None can reply. But during my stay at North Indian regions of Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Punjab provices, the melody echoed and re-echoed in air “Jahan Huye Balidan Mookerjee, Oh Kashmir Hamara Hai. Jees Kashmir Ko Khoon Se Seencha, Oh Kashmir Hamara Hai.(Mookerjee was martyred on Kashmir soil. The land bleeds on his blood. Kashmir is ours, Kashmir is ours). The slogans ignite Hindu youths’ hair roots in all other parts of the country, but why not thy voices at Bengal, Oh! Bengali youths? Once, your land was the breeding ground for great movements, but today there is no slogan on Shyama Prasad.

Jawaharlal Nehru, in connivance with Soviet and British rulers silenced the voice of Netaji Subhas and had slowly placed him in the archives. History repeats in Bengal. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, the savior of West Bengal became the victim of the venomous conspiracy for ravenous greed of power of Abdullah, the Sheikh and Jawaharlal Nehru on 23 June 1953. Alas! There was none to save our Motherland.

Bengal has many iconic personalities and heroes namely, Swami Bibekananda, Rabindra nath and Netaji Subhas whose works are acclaimed at the national and global perspective. Shyama Prasad continued to enrich this trend snatching this part of Bengal from the claws of British and Jinnah. His martyr for unity and integrity of the Nation is an unending brightness of a stalwart. For these reasons, countrymen and his followers observe this 23 June as Martyr day. Congress of Nehru family, Muslim appeaser TMC or traitor Communists may forget him but the Hindu youths of Bengal should remember this lion man son of the Royal Tiger of Bengal, Sir Asutosh Mookerjee.

Shyama Prasad was taller than his stature that he never compromised his ideology and patriotism for the personal gains what many other leaders of Bengal across political party line, leftists or rightists did neither he became a stooge of Nehru family. Shyama Prasad had donated his ancestral residence named Ashutosh College bequeathed upon his father but to the contrary, the ancestral residence of late Jyoti Basu has been retained by his family members and a “Lift” is also installed there at the behest and expenses of State Government. Basu led a lavish lifestyle at Indira Bhavan for long. Ironically, Pranab Mookerjee and Jyoti Basu look like a flying fox before this Lion man.

Shyama Prasad had undaunted personality. The youths of Bengal should always keep in mind with utmost respect that in the year, 1947 when our beloved motherland was divided by the British rulers in collusion with Nehru led Congress, Leftist traitors and protagonist M.A. Jinnah, Shyama Prasad alone stood against this tripod. Truly, the Lion filched one third of undivided Bengal from the mouth of Jackle Jinnah, the originator of Pakistan. Shyama Prasad thundered, “Jinnah, you have divided India, now I divide Bengal.” Had there not Shyama Prasad at those crucial hours, the undivided Bengal would have witnessed the shrill “Naaraaye Takdeer Allah-Ho Akbar” and all of us turned “Maalaayun” (a slang). Bengalis of this part of land were saved from evacuation and thus could accommodate here uprooted, hapless millions from the other part of Bengal.

Are we ungrateful, are we impure in blood and sense? If the pictures of Gandhi, Nehru and Marx – Lenin - Stalin can find place at the political walls of West Bengal, what they have done good for Bengal, why Shyama Prasad is absent? Who can answer this! Marx-Lenin- Stalinists tyranny are the root causes of social, industrial, political downfall of West Bengal.

Let’s have a look, what Shyama Prasad did for Bengal.. He saved all Hindus against “Great Calcutta killings’ by Muslims and formed Hindustan National Guards in every district, worked tirelessly during great famine of Bengal in 1943.

He, being a cabinet member at the first central ministry led by Jaharlal Nehru after independence, he was instrumental to build Durgapur Steel plant(DSP) and Rail Locomotive factory at Chittaranjan, West Bengal. Further, he gave up the post of Minister for step motherly behavior of Nehru against Hindu Bengali refugees. A secular humanist, progressive, in thoughts, cultured and generous Shyama Prasad extended his hands of supports to poet Kazi Nazrul Islam during latter’s ailment. As an educationist, this youngest Vice Chancellor had placed Calcutta University in the world class level of teaching and fundamental research.

He had sacrificed his life for the integrity of our Nation. Now, time has come to awake Bengal and Bengalis to follow his life, path of wisdom. If we pay no heed to him, Bengal may be divided again and Bengalis would become refugees to an unknown land.

Shyama Prasad lived for 53 years. In this very short span of life he possessed versatile qualities. He was an Educationist at one end, a Politician and Statesman in thoughts. He was an icon of luminous humanity, an icon of national unity, an icon of justice, an icon of struggle, an icon of selflessness and self-sacrifice.

Today, on his Martyr day, we, the members of “Hindu Samhati” bow down our heads and offer our perpetual respect to Bharat Kesari Shyama Prasad Mookerjee. We ask for his kind blessing to give us strength to combat our Nation’s enemies.


By- Tapan Kumar Ghosh,

President, Hindu Samhati

June 23, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shame of India---DINHATA

by Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Dinhata is a small town in the district of Coochbehar, West Bengal and from the incident that took place in this town on December 6, 2009, regarding the visit of Peyarada (the nickname of Hussein Muhammad Ersad, the ex-military dictator and the President of Bangladesh; literally means ‘beloved elder brother’), it seemed that the Hindus of this place, or rather of the entire state of West Bengal, have lost their rationality and common sense. It seemed that there was not a single soul who could see the truth. Dinhata is the native place of Peyarada, who went to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) after partition in 1947, and on Dec 6, last year, he returned to Dinhata after 34 years. He is now 79 and will be 80 on Feb 1, 2010. It appeared that the Hindus of Dinhata were far more eager to greet their Peyarada than Peyarada was to meet the people of his place of birth.

A report appeared in the December 7, 2009 edition of Dainik Statesman, a Kolkata based Bengali daily, said, “Escorted by tight security, the son of the town entered his native place amidst greetings by thousand hilarious Hindus. As soon as he got out of the car, he was encircled by the reporters. Before the crowd of onlookers, their dear Peyarada moved towards his ancestral home, while the crowd continued showering their good wishes and shouting slogans. A stage was set up at the entrance of the house where Ershad received the greetings from the crowd and replied his good wishes to them.” The reporter Subhas Mandal of the Dainik Statesman continued his idiotic narration – “In the heavily crowded press conference, dear Peyarada, the glorious son of Dinhata, the ex-President of Bangladesh, said that he would continue his efforts to build up a close and friendly relation between India and Bangladesh.

It has been mentioned above that this dear Peyarada, the son of Dinhata, is no other than Hussain Muhammad Ershad, the ex-army chief, the military dictator and the President of Bangladesh. His ancestral house is still standing there in Dinhata, though he was born on February 1, 1930 in his maternal uncle’s house in Rangpur, in the undivided Bengal. He spent his childhood in Dinhata and passed the Matriculation Examination from a Dinhata school. Later on, in the wake of partition and creation of Pakistan in 1947, his family decided to move to the holy land of Pakistan, a Dar-ul-Islam as muhajir leaving India, a dar-ul-harb. The Hindus of Diahata do not have sufficient grey matter in their brains to understand the Muslim psyche of H M Ershad and his family that considers the call of Islam far more precious than the call of the motherland. It should be mentioned here that the ex-military general and ex-president of Pakistan Musherof Hussain is also a muhajir in Pakistan.

It is now well known that the war at Kargil was one of the most treacherous back-stabbing inflicted by Musharraf against India. Similarly the educated and conscious people of the world are also acquainted with the treachery misdeeds committed by H M Ershad against India, particularly against the Hindus. But it seems that there is not a single Hindu in Dinhata who is aware of those treacherous activities of Ershad. One should recall that the Indian soldiers, by their blood, earned freedom for the people of Bangladesh from the clutch of Pakistan in 1970. But it was the dear Peyarada or H M Ershad of Dinhata, who after assuming the office of president of Bangladesh in 1988, made Islam the state religion of the country and thus by the stroke of the pen, converted the entire Hindu population of Bangladesh into second grade citizens, deprived them of minimum civic rights and turned them into targets of religious persecution and victims of the fanatic majority Muslims. In other words, the entire Hindu community of Bangladesh has been degraded to the status of Dhimmis. So, it is extremely ridiculous when that culprit says that he is trying to improve relation between India and Bangladesh. If this culprit is projected as a pride of Dinhata, then Dinhata is a shame for India.

In this context, another aspect of vital importance should be pointed out here. In 1947, Ershad alone went to East Pakistan, while his brothers and others relatives stayed back in India and his properties were protected by the Indian Constitution. On the contrary, the millions of Hindus who were fallen victims of severe religious persecution and ethnic cleansing and were compelled to leave East Pakistan (and today’s Bangladesh) to save their lives, their properties were declared ‘enemy properties’ by the government of Pakistan and grabbed by the Muslims of East Pakistan or Bangladesh. Even the other members of a Hindu household, one of whom had shifted to India, were designated as enemies of the government and properties confiscated. In most of the cases, they had to sell their properties in throw away price and come to India to save their lives and the honour of their women. So, the Hindus, who were compelled to leave East Pakistan or Bangladesh, were treated as enemies but H M Ershad, who left India for the sake of Islam, is being treated as the ‘son of the soil of Dinhata’, ‘dear Peyarada’ and the ‘pride of Dinhata’.

It really amazing that most of the Hindus of Dinhata, who are gleefully celebrating the visit of Ershad to Dinhata, had come to India as refugees after being kicked out of East Pakistan or Bangladesh. Following Shibaprasad Roy, these people are severely running short of common sense and it seems that even God Almighty shall not be able to prevent them from turning refugee again. It is a shame that the Hindu refugees of Dinhata, who came to India after losing their properties to the Muslims, are now performing the sacred task of protecting the properties of Muslims like H M Ershad.

According to a press report, Udayan Guha, the son of Kamal Guha, a leader of the Forward Bloc, the political party founded by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, sought the blessings of Ershad by touching his feet (a Hindu style to paying respect), on the occasion. In fact, this Kamal Guha & Co are extremely dishonest politicians and they are utilizing the name of patriotic personality of Netaji to gain political mileage in one hand and, on the other, collaborating with the traitor and treacherous Communists, who once described Netaji as quisling of Japan and a dog of Tojo, to taste the honey of power. These hypocrites display the photograph of Netaji to pay their sham respect to him and at the same time have handed over the Forward Bloc Party to the enemies of the nation like Kalimuddin Shams and others. In this context, one should recall that these treacherous Muslim political leaders like Kalimuddin Shams helped millions of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators getting ration cards so that their names could be enlisted in the voters’ list. In other words, turning the illegal Bangladeshi infiltrations into legal citizens of India.

One should also recall that Robin Ghosh, another leader of the Forward Bloc and the MLA from the Uluberia constituency, in another occasion, stopped the Mumbai Express with a mob of 5000 Muslims and released 100 Bangladeshi infiltrators who were being brought to Kolkata by the Maharastra police and set them free. It seems that there is no law in the country to impede these outrageous activities of Kamal Guha, Robin Ghosh and co and courts and legal system of this country exists only to harass the members of the patriotic Hindu organizations. The reader should also recall that, in another occasion, this Kamal Guha and his goons snatched away the microphone of Manomohan Roy, a social worker of RSS, who was holding a meeting at Dinhata to arouse public awareness about the danger of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators at Dinhata. From the above narrations it becomes evident that the political party called the Forward Bloc is at present has been turned into an organization to blacken the name of Netaji and is causing much more harm to the Hindus than the infamous Indian Union of Muslim League. So it is not difficult to understand why Udayan Guha, the son of Kamal Guha would play fuss with H M Ershad at Dinhata.

But what is more astonishing is the behaviour of the common Hindus of Dinhata. Neither they raised any slogan like ‘Down with H M Ershad’ and nor they tried to throw a shoe to him. No one, during the over crowded press conference, asked him – “What motivated you to declare Islam as the state religion of Bangladesh and thus turning a seemingly secular country into a country of mediaeval Islamic fanaticism?” Nobody asked him – “You came to power as a military dictator and consequently declared yourself the President of Bangladesh. So you assumed the office of the President of Bangladesh through an undemocratic process, and hence you had no moral or ethical right to alter the constitution of Bangladesh. Then how could you take such a step that reduced the status of Bangladeshi Hindus to dhimmis? And how many years it would take for Bangladesh to redress your misdeed? Or could ever be possible to reverse that pernicious act?”

We may now turn to another aspect of the report that appeared in press. It has been reported that Ershad came to Dinhata with his 9-year-old son Eric. It has been pointed out above that Ershad is running 79 years 9 months and hence his son Eric was born when he was more that 70 years old. So it becomes evident that he has served Islam faithfully, in swelling the Muslim population up to the age of 70. This reflects his personal contribution to step up the Muslim population, the effort that has raised the same to 34.54 per cent in Dinhata block (both 1 and 2), 24.24 per cent in the Coochbihar district and 75.00 per cent in the adjacent district of Dhubri in Assam. One should also note that the above estimates are according to the Census Report of 2001 and today these figures have become still higher. The Hindus of Dinhata should ask this pertinent question to themselves – “How long they will be able to live at Dinhata?”

It is a pity for the inhabitants of the West Bengal. They are offering flower bouquet, sweets and respect (by touching his feet) to a fanatic Muslim leader, a military dictator who has reduced the Hindus of a neighbouring country to second grade citizens. And at the same time, they are showering hatred and pushing out a writer of the same country who is fighting for the human rights for the Hindus of that country. The name of that great lady is Taslima Nasrin. So, there is no other way but to appreciate this secularism and one should say, “Glory, to the progressiveness of the Hindus of West Bengal and glory to their secularism”. So far, this secularism has been the other name of hypocrisy, but from the behavioral pattern of the Hindus of Dinhata, one should conclude that the said secularism has turned into a disease. So, one should write sick-ularism in stead of secularism. This has become a dreaded disease like AIDS and every sane person must keep a distance from these sick-ularists to avoid a contamination. Anyone contaminated with this disease is destined to die. So, people should be protected against this dreaded ailment. This is a kind of rabies that takes away one’s conscience and moral sense, and deludes one of his memories causing severe amnesia. It makes one to forget even serious events like raping of his mother, his wife and his sisters. So, to save the Hindu society, there is no other way but to identify and isolate these sick-ulars infected with this dreaded disease.

We may now delve into the matter a bit to seek a correct reply to the question – “Why the Hindus of Dinhata did behave so foolishly in greeting their dear Peyarada, a staunch enemy of the Hindus?” The reader may recall that the recent Assembly Election in the state of Jharkhand, the result was indecisive. No single party got simple majority required to form a government. At this moment of crisis, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supported the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), the political party led by Sibu Soren, and formed a coalition government. This Sibu Soren, once regarded as the teacher and guide of the tribal people, was later on convicted in several cases of political murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but ultimately acquitted by the Supreme Court. In 1992, he was also convicted of taking bribe from the then Congress Prime Minister Narasimha Rao for extending his support and thus saving Rao’s government from an imminent collapse.

These facts and figures were more than enough to identify Sibu Soren as one of the most dishonest and criminal politicians of the country. At that time, BJP was too vocal against him and aroused nationwide condemnation. But now, the same BJP came forward to support him and form a coalition government with him, as mentioned above. The incident had inspired the political observers of India to paint BJP as an immoral, power-hungry and opportunist party. Though the allegations were correct, we should not raise my fingers towards BJP. Had BJP refrained from supporting JMM, would there been an honest government come up in Jharkhand? Perhaps not. Another immoral party would have come forward to help Sibu Soren. When all the political parties are dishonest and immoral, there is little chance for setting up an honest and moral government in any state, including Jharkhand.

We may look into the matter from a different viewpoint. Definitely, Sibu Soren was corrupt and dishonest and hence one might have declined to support him on that ground. But what is about the 18 MLAs, who had won election as candidates of JMM? Were all of them corrupt and deserve to be isolated? Even if one said that, as they had been guided and led by Sibu Soren, they were also immoral and dishonest, then what he would have said about the large number of voters who had voted them to win the election? Would it have been proper to paint these voters as immoral and corrupt and disown them? To keep the image of a party clean, BJP might have avoided to form the government with JMM. But what should have been its attitude towards this large number of voters?

Here lies the role of a truly nationalist and patriotic political party. The role of a political party is to educate the common people about politics based on principles of ethics, morality and patriotism, or to make the masses conscious about true and value based politics for achieving real good for the country and its people. During the British Raj, great patriotic leaders like Lokamanya Tilak, Madanmohan Malavya, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bepin Chandra Pal, S N Banerji, Sri Aurovindo, C R Das and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose tried their best to promote politics based on moral, ethical and patriotic principles. At that time, though the people were less educated, these honest leaders could implant the basic ideas of moral and ethical politics into the people with their influence.

But after independence, India began its journey on the road of Nehruvian politics based on top to toe hypocrisy, unbridled greed for power, cunningness, Himalayan lack of patriotism, false internationalism and lack of nationalism, revengefulness to the political opponents, fulfillment of personal ambition at the cost of national interest and so on and so forth. It is needless to say that the conspiracy involving M K Gandhi and the British Governor General Mountbatten was responsible for putting such a hypocrite and immoral person like Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm of this country which ultimately led to the ruin of the value based politics in the country. It is also true that to save the nation from the grip of this degraded and unpatriotic politics, Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherji and Dr B R Ambedkar resigned from the Nehru Cabinet and the former had to sacrifice his life in mysterious situation in Kashimir. (Many believe that the Prime Minister Nehru, to get rid of his most prominent political opponent, plotted a conspiracy with Shaikh Abdullah and assassinated Dr Mookherji).

Later on, guided by the same motive, farsighted Guruji Golwalkar, along with Shyama Prasad, Pundit Deendayal Upadhyay and Prof Balraj Madhok, formed the new political party called Bharatiya Janasangh. Steered by the farsight of Guruji, enriched with the goodwill of RSS and under the able leadership of Shyama Prasad, this new party looked for not only to contest election and acquire political power for the well-being of the nation, but also to inculcate sense of true politics free from evils among the masses and inspire in them deep love for the motherland and patriotism, and turning them into good citizens fit to carry out sacred national duties. So long, Pundit Deendayal Upadhyay was alive, the party was following the desired path. But after his assassination in 1968, the party got grossly derailed from original ideology and completely lost under the new name Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It abandoned the difficult task of educating the common people the politics of patriotism and took up the path of petty conspiratorial politics of compromise and gaining political power. So, at present one finds little difference between the Indian National Congress of Gandhi and Nehru and BJP. Most shamefully, its leaders have relinquished the path high ideals and doing politics only for personal benefit and making money.

As a result of these developments, there is not a single organization in today’s India that can teach the people of this country the things like patriotism, national duty, in addition to what is good and what is bad for the country and who is a friend and who is foe of the nation. Once upon a time, the people of this country regarded the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as an organization of this kind. But today, it has been so much engrossed in ongoing politics, being controlled by BJP, that it has completely lost its past glory. People today cannot trust RSS as an organization that is above the petty politics of grabbing political power.

Now, we may try to make the two ends meet. We have began with the most idiotic, ignorant and stupid behaviour, the people (or the Hindus) of Dinhata had displayed on the occasion of the visit of H M Ershad at that town. From the discussion given above, it is not difficult for the reader to understand that severe lack of political consciousness, lack to grasp the role of politics of National interest had played its role behind the aforementioned stupid behaviour of the people of Dinhata. Most importantly, who will take the responsibility of educating the masses in these aspects?

For an individual, who is little bit conscious about the goings on the country, it is not difficult to notice that media, including newspapers or television channels, has emerged as the patron of today’s system of education, may it be bad or disgraceful. People becomes conscious and forms their opinion only about those issues that are focused by the media. While the issues, though of extreme national importance, ignored by the media, people remains in the dark bout those issues. And hence they are not redressed. One should understand that the media is there not to discuss ethics but to do business, make money and thus survive stiff competition. One should also notice that, it is the skill of the media that leads the culprits of the Jessica Lal murder case to escape conviction. It is the similar skill that drags the Ruchika rape case through decades. It is also the underhand game of media leading to suspension of the Commissioner of Police of Kolkata Police in the Rezwanur suicide case and it is the insidious role of the media that motivates the government to release the dreaded terrorist Masud Azahar from Kashmir jail.

Furthermore, it is the Indian media that had once projected a sparingly educated airplane operator into a great leader to make him the Prime Minister and later on turned his widow, an Italian waitress, into a top national leader. At present, the same media is busy in turning the uneducated son of that Italian lady into a national leader of exception. On the contrary, this media is consciously suppressing the affairs of the courageous Bangladeshi lady who has launched a total war, at the risk of her life, against the most inhuman and barbaric creed called Islam. This mischievous act of the media is keeping the people of this country unaware about the heroic contributions of that Bangladeshi lady Taslima Nasrin and thus keeping them incapable to shower their sympathy and good wishes to her.

Who are running this media business? Not the highly qualified editors, or the Board of Editor, or the highly educated journalists. Like any other business, it is being run by the owners, proprietors or the Board or Directors. These are the people, who decide which piece of information is to be highlighted and which is to be suppressed, and thus guide the opinion formation of common masses. How many are they? At most 200 or so! So, public opinion, public sentiment, or in other words, the consciousness of the hoi polloi could be guided in a desired direction, if these 200 media owners could be purchased. Hence, it becomes evident that money, both domestic and foreign, is playing the ultimate role in guiding 1.12 billion people of this country, guiding their political consciousness and views.

So, there is none to educate and guide the people of this country in the right direction. As a result, corrupt political leaders like N D Tewari, Sibu Soren, Lalu Jadav, Rajib Pratap Rudy, Babubhai Kataria etc. are contesting and winning elections, and consequently forming governments. This environment of corrupt politics, lack of correct political education and lack of able leadership are influencing the people of this country, including the people of Dinhata, to behave in the most stupid and ignorant way. The existing legal system may convict and punish some offender politicians, but it cannot take up the job of educating the people. In fact, there is no short cut path to educate the masses. However, someone has to come forward and take up this responsibility.