Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deepabali Greetings From Tapan Kumar Ghosh


On the auspicious occasion of Deepabali, celebrating the home coming of Sri Ramachandra and the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Sri Krishna, I convey my best wishes to all on behalf of Hindu Samhati.

On this hallowed occasion marking the TRIUMPH of Sacred over Evil, I have but one Prayer. I pray that all Hindus whose forefathers have been driven out of their homes by the Islamic aggressors from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Kashmir to Assam or from any other part of Akhand Bharat, observe this day by taking a vow. Let us solemnly resolve that one day they will return to their ancestral home after defeating the Jihadi Ravanas of Kali Yuga - just like Sri Ramachandra eliminated Ravana of Treta Yuga and just like Sri Krishna eliminated the demon Narakasura of Dwapara Yuga.

From Kamakhya to Dhakeshwari, From Kalighat to Kanyakumari, From Hinglaj to Durgiana, One Billion Hindus will be celebrating Deepavali by worshipping Devi Matrika (the Mother-Goddess). Let us all pray to Bhavatarini, the redeemer of the world, to protect the homelands of the Hindus from devastation, to save the honor of our women and provide strength to our youth. Let Shakti Devi provide us the courage to fight back against persecution.

We beseech Maha Kali for her invincible power and blessings so that we too can perform the same sacred duty she did while slaying the demon Rakta-beeja. We are yet to get justice in the hallowed grounds of Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. We have no movements to wrest full control over the most venerable temples at Mathura and Kashi, or the thousands of other Hindu pilgrimage sites that either remain desecrated or are under the control of the Jihadis. Let us pray on this sacred day to obtain justice for reclaiming these holy places.

In more recent times, the same Jihadi hordes led by Member of Parliament, Haji Nurul Islam committed untold atrocities on the beleaguered Hindus of Deganga, located in Barasat Subdivision of North 24 Parganas. Starting Monday, 6th September, 2010, Hindus have suffered relentless persecution with regards to accessing the road leading to Chattal co-operative society temple in Deganga. Hindu temples, homes as well as shops owned by Hindus were ransacked. Directly lead by Haji Nurul Islam, several Hindu Deities were broken, the treasury box looted and the temple desecrated by urinating on the broken Deities. Taking advantage of the prevailing situation, the miscreants illegally put up a loudspeaker over Deganga mosque on the 6th of September. Households owned by Hindus were selected and set on fire in addition to sexually abusing individual women of the same homes. Fearing for their lives, thousands of Hindu residents from approximately 8 villages fled the area.

This Islamic persecution was opposed tooth-and-nail by Hindu Samhati’s brave activists. 15,000 Hindu Samhati activists led a “Deganga Chalo” rally in Barasat which led to the unjust incarceration of 6 senior Hindu Samhati workers, including our senior leaders, for 26 days in Dumdum Central Jail. There were also large protests in the heart of Kolkata by thousands of Hindu Samhati activists. The Deganga Durga Puja Samanvay Committee organized a massive protest rally against the local administration and corrupt TMC political leaders where more than 500 local Hindus from all neighboring villages, joined this “Dhikkar” rally either on foot, bicycles, motor Bikes or on auto rickshaws.

In an unprecedented protest, Durga Puja, the biggest festival of Deganga's Hindus, was boycotted by all the Puja committees of the Deganga area to register their strong protest against the inability of the local administration and police to protect local Hindus from barbaric and meticulously planned attacks by the Muslims. As a result, 42 Puja Mandaps across Deganga Block went empty.

The second exile of Sri Rama which began in 1528 CE continues till this day. Since then, there have been at least 76 battles waged by Hindu society to reinstate Sri Rama back on the throne of Ayodhya, the most recent battles being in 1990 and 1992. For the past five centuries, over 300,000 Hindus have sacrificed their lives to bring Sri Rama back from his second exile. But last month, the Hindus were coerced into yet another setback in Ayodhya whereas Babur’s barbarian followers were rewarded with one-third of the sacred land of Sri Rama Janmabhoomi.

Hindu Samaj is expected to gift away their sacred land to those who adore the genocidal invaders of India even though the Prayag High Court admits that there is overwhelming archeological evidence (submitted by the Archeological Survey of India and further explored by international experts by laser guided studies) that the Babri structure was built after demolishing an ancient Hindu temple at the same site. This historical truth was confirmed by the ASI by using Ground Penetrating Radar studies and documenting them very painstakingly in its report . This travesty is an epic example of blatant appeasement of Muslims, especially the Islamists that have anything but complete hatred against the Sanatana Dharma while overlooking both the conclusive archaeological evidence and the religious sentiments of over one billion Hindus living in India and around the world. Do the administration and judiciary indeed believe in the motto: “Satyameva Jayate”? If so, let them ponder over their actions and introspect deeply about the consequences.

Ayodhya is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are over 30,000 ancient Hindu temples which were destroyed by Islamic invaders who built victory mosques over the remains of these demolished temples. Initially, the magnanimous Hindus do not ask for all of these holy places to be returned. All the Hindus asked for were that the three most hallowed sites of the Hindus, inAyodhya, Mathura and Kashi be returned. That is all that was required to correct the historical injustices the peaceful Hindu silently suffered at the hands of barbaric Islamic marauders. But similar to the evil Kauravas in the Mahabharata who refused to hand over even a needle-point of land to the just Pandavas and faced dire consequences in the Dharma yuddha at Kurukshetra, we are seeing a similar reaction from the totalitarian Islamic hordes who refuse to acknowledge the mistakes of the past and refuse to hand over even these 3 sacred sites of the Hindus.

It is also quite revealing to see that since 1993, the cowardly political parties have developed cold feet and refused to launch or participate in agitational movements for the return of these 3 sacred sites, leave alone the remaining 30,000 Hindu sites. By faltering and shedding its fighting spirit, the so-called Hindu political parties tacitly turned the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple at Mathura and Kashi Vishwanath Mandir into essentially “non-movements”.

In spite of this adversity, Hindu Samhati requests the Hindus everywhere to not lose hope, but to instead agitate relentlessly for their rights. Let us dwell on this profound axiom from the Mahabharata: “Yato Dharma, Tato Jayah” meaning “Where there is Dharma, there will be Victory”. But Hindu society must also remember that “Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah” meaning Dharma protects the people only when the people defend Dharma. Therefore, your concerted efforts for the protection of the Hindu value system in the eastern part of India will protect the Hindus in not only this part of India but all of India and over the world.

Every Hindu Must Take an Oath on This Sacred Occasion to Fight Against the Asuras (Jehadi Demons) of Today. 

And so we shall pray together to the Mother Goddess…

Om asatoma sat gamaya, tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, mrityorma amritam gamayo

Lead us from Falsehood to Truth
Lead us from Darkness to Light
Lead us from Death to Immortality

Vande Mataram

President, Hindu Samhati

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