Sunday, November 21, 2010

KASHMIRIYAT : What Exactly Is That?

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Kashmir is again a hot spot. On the roads of Srinagar CRPF jawans are shooting dead the Kashmiri youth and when the CRPF jawan is put at bay, he is getting mercilessly lynched by Kashmiri youths. On the screen of TV, we are daily observing scores of Kashmiri teen agers hurling stones at our security forces. Those stones have become a highly potent murderous weapon, much worse than guns and bombs. Army had to be called in. So, in Kashmir PEACE is now elusive. Mother India will keep on bleeding white from this vicious wound called Kashmir.

Even amidst this painful process, something else can't be overlooked. The central minister and Congress leader Mani Shankar Ayer is clearly blaming the security forces on TV screen. He is telling that CRPF should exercise more restraint while dealing with the teen agers. The secretary of his home ministry on the other hand states that CRPF is exercising utmost restraint. Is this a mere dichotomy of thinking or is it a double standard pandering to a sinister political design? It is not clear as to what is the real opinion of the central Govt. albeit it's de facto controller Madam Sonia Gandhi. Mufti, Jeelani, Gilani, Yasin and the likes are always castigating the security forces. The real perpetrators of this conspiracy from Pakistan are however fully relishing this.

Investigation has revealed that the militant organizations in Pakistan are funding this whole activity of stone throwing demonstrations. This fund is channeled by ISI and this infamous body is the de facto controller of Govt. of Pakistan. Their sinister plan is gradually moving towards a total success and that needs to be thwarted by any means.

After the Jihadist attack in Mumbai on 26/11/ 2008, Govt. of India showed some apparently angry stance regarding their dialogue with Pakistan. That period of utter hypocrisy is now over. Again period of dialogue has set in. Pakistan as usual is adhering to Ayub Khan's policy of 'Thousand Cuts'. Sometimes this manifestation is in the form of Grenade or AK 47 in the hands of Kassav, sometimes it is in the form of stone throwing Kashmiri Adolescents.

After every dialogue, all the Pakistani leaders are harping on only one point. That is Kashmir. Kashmir is the main problem. Once the Kashmir problem gets solved, India Pakistan friendship would be a cakewalk. However, history from immemorial has proved that subjugation to appeasement leads to further Islamic expansionism and in lieu of a mitigator it acts as a catalyst aggravator. This very same idea of Pakistani leaders gets echoed by the extremist, secessionist leaders of Kashmir. A perfect resonance between these secessionist and Pakistani leaders.

So, we need to contemplate on Kashmir. What is the main problem revolving around Kashmir? Before we get into this main problem, let us highlight some important facts about Kashmir.

The name of the state is Jammu & Kashmir, '' J & K" in short. It is a Muslim majority state. The inhabitants of this state can buy land in any other Indian state, can permanently settle there and carry out any commercial activity. But, on the contrary, no Indian citizen from any other state, not even the President and Prime Minister of India can buy an iota of land in Kashmir. Indian constitution has conferred this special provision for Kashmir. This is known as article 370.This only applicable to the state of J & K and not for any other state in India. Be patient, my dear reader. More is yet to come. All citizens of India are Indian citizens but for Kashmir the case is different. There principle of Dual citizenship applies. Indian citizenship as well as State Citizenship. This later is completely under the jurisdiction of the state. That is a state subject. So, J & K STATE CONFERS THIS CITIZENSHIP, not the central govt., not the home ministry, not the election commission of India. This dual citizenship is protected by section 370.This is the very article for abrogation of which Shyama Prasaad Mukherjee sacrificed his life---' Ek Nishan' , 'Ek Bidhan', 'Ek Pradhan', i.e. --- One Flag, One Constitution, One Head.

Owing to this article lakhs of Hindu lead a cursed life in J&K.

After partition of India in 1947, Manmohan Singh & Advani fled from Pakistan (or rather hounded out) and became Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. But Hindu and Sikh refugees who settled in J& K became Indian citizens but could not get state citizenship. They are entitled to vote in the parliamentary election of India but not lucky enough to exercise their franchise for the state assembly. This is the contribution of article 370. There are more to consume, my dear reader. No law passed in the parliament of India can be put in force in J&K unless and until the same gets passed in the state legislative assembly. So, this is a country within another country, a state within another state, a federal structure within a federal structure. The person, the chief architect of this wonderful arrangement is tragically a Kashmiri Brahmin, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU by name. An irony of fate! A real irony! His lust and affinity for a British lady has cost the country such a terrible price, a nightmare, a cancerous malignant growth, a gangrenous wound.

It is not only this article 370. It is not only this vexing issue of ' country within a country'. This state is just a parasite for rest of India. Rice, wheat, sugar salt, pulse----and all other essential items have to be provided to the state at a huge subsidy. Many other facilities and amenities are provided to the state at the cost of rest of India. Kashmir is just a sucking needle from the economic blood stream of India.

Even after so much of appeasement, Kashmir could not be won over. To keep Kashmir within India and make it an integral part thereof, more than half a million of Indian soldiers and security forces are deployed over there. We are presenting them rice, wheat and every sort of material and financial support. In return, they do present us back 3.5 lakhs HINDU REFUGEES and every week minimum 5 corpses of Indian soldiers.

Now, let me disclose what the real problem of Kashmir is! They say, I mean the Kashmiri Muslims say that Kashmir is a special place. It is the real heaven on the earth. Nature (in their doctrine-- Allahtala) has prepared it with special touch. The soil, water, climate, environment---everything is distinct here, very different from India. So, the culture of Kashmir as a whole is different from the culture of rest of India. They have named this culture as Kashmiriyat. This culture is priceless, very soft and tender and touchy and can be trampled by anything exogeneous. So, this special culture has to be preserved at any cost and for that purpose freedom for Kashmir is a must. Azad Kashmir is a must. The inference is very simple, Kashmiris are not Indians, they are a different nation. My dear reader--" Are you not hearing the Echo of Jinnah's demands in this?”

One section of them is of the opinion that Kashmir be snatched away from India and ceded to Pakistan. Therein lays total satisfaction of their soul. However, imperialist India is just not letting it happen. So, at least, autonomy is needed to preserve this 'Kashmiriyat'.

Let us now delve into what this Kashmiriyat actually stands for. If the special climate or atmosphere imparts some special characteristics to the populace over there, then those traits would be shared by one and all over there irrespective of their language or religion. Those characteristics are collectively known as the culture of that place and the older the inhabitants stay there over generations the more deep rooted the culture would get inculcated.

History tells us already as to who are living in Kashmir from the yore, who have an older lineage? The Hindus or the Muslims. Kashmir has been named after the great sage Kshyap. During the period of Kashyap Muni, Muslims were neither in Kashmir nor anywhere else on the earth. The very age-old pilgrimage in Kashmir is Amarnath where God Shiva narrated Goddess Parvati the theory of immortality. Even today lakhs of Hindus pay pilgrimage to Amarnath. Were the Muslims present at that time when these anecdotes were in place or when this pilgrimage started? Who composed and created those anecdotes? Were they not Hindus? The old history of Kashmir 'Rajtarangini' was written by the great historian Kalhan. Were the Muslims present then? Amarnath is situated in the district of Anantnag. Is this Anantnag not referred to in the Vedas and Purans? Has this Anantnag got any reference in Koran and Hadees? Is Anantnag outside the purview of Kashmiri culture? These so called proponents of Kashmiriyat have changed the name of Anantnag and have written everywhere instead 'Islamabad'. So, Islamabad is now a part of Kashmiriyat. In the history of Kashmir --- which is older 'Anantnag' or 'Islamabad'?

In Srinagar, on the banks of Dal Lake high atop the hill lies the old temple of Shankaracharya. In Punch Bura Amarnath temple, in Jammu the world famous Vaishnodevi, Raghunath temple, Kheerbhavani temple etc. date back more than thousand years. Vedic hymns are chanted in these temples over thousand years. These are part and parcel of Kashmiri culture; these are embedded in Kashmiri culture over thousands of years. Stepping these aside and ignoring these basic tenets of Kashmiri culture, the proponents of Kashmiriyat are emphasizing on beard, phase cap, veil, namaj, azan, nara-e-takdir etc. which have descended much later into the soils of Kashmir.

If Kashmiri culture is so dependent on climatic pleasure or topographic serene beauty, then why the sons of soil of Kashmir from time immemorial, the HINDUS, were tortured psychologically and physically and ultimately kicked out of Kashmir? Why more than three thousand temples in Kashmir were reduced to rubbles? If Kashmiriyat be an exclusive cultural identity, then why the proponents of Kashmiriyat are so hand in glove with the Pakistanis? Why the Kashmiri youth get terrorist training in militant camps in Pakistan and bomb innocent Indian citizens in Delhi and other places? Is it Kashmiriyat?

Yes, my dear friend, this is exactly what so called Kashmiriyat stands for. This name is a big hoax, an out and out bluff, a deception, a chicanery. I repeat this is but a master bluff. If you peel off the cover, you would come to know its true identity. This is but PURE ISLAMIYAT. True to the tradition of pure Islamiyat, the non-Muslims are hunted out there. That is the reason why the original sons of the soil, Kashmiri Pandits find no place in their ancestral home and hearth. Over more than 20 years, they are stacked in refugee camps in Delhi and Jammu. Kashmiriyat is a mask for Islamiyat. Time is now ripe to expose the true nature of Kashmiriyat to the entire world.

The way Islamiyat is breeding terror all over the world, perpetrating communal frenzy over all hues of Non-Muslims in all its ramifications as and when the situation suits to their evil, sinister spirit. The same way this proponent of Islamiyat in the guise of Kashmiriyat is bleeding Kashmir white. If they are appeased further, they would turn or at least attempt to turn the rest of India the same way. We just can't allow this to happen. We have to resist this sinister design emanating from Islamiyat by all means. We can't afford to allow India to go Kashmir way; we have to Indianize Kashmir.

In order to attain the above goal, we need to make bare the mask of Kashmiriyat which is but hard core Islamiyat. We need to deal with the Islamiyat with an iron fist. We need a non-hypocrite political approach, a transparent outlook and firm determination. It is the iron will that will carry us through and absence of which will make our enemies triumphant and long cherished dream of Islamiyat will come true.

Our clear cut guidelines will be as follows:-

* To annul all special rights and privileges for J&K.

* To abrogate article 370 without any further delay

*The retired army personnel from all over India should settle in Kashmir.

*To change the demography of Kashmir.

*Those who speak of cessation should be put behind the bar.

*All Pakistani agents should be put to death.

* To rehabilitate all Kashmiri Pundits. (3.5 lakhs of them are already in refugee camps).

* To reconstruct all destroyed temples at the hands of these Jihadists. (More than 3000 destroyed).

*To arm all Hindus in Kashmir valley at Govt. initiative.

Our Shyama Prasad Mukherjee made a supreme sacrifice at the altar of motherland to fight out the separatist and divisive forces in Kashmir. We shall never and never allow his sacred blood to go waste. Kashmir named under the great Kashyap Muni, Kashmir that beholds Amarnath, Kashmir that beholds Anantnag was, is and shall be an integral part of India.


  1. Great written article.
    If kashmiris can have so much "reservations" to protect their "islamiyat"..
    then why not West Bengal..which is hindu homeland for all Bengali-hindus from the whole Bengal region of West Bengal and east bengal...

    power lusty Congress govt. will eventually further divide India..specially the Eastern part

    We hindus elected this "Rashtradohi" Govt. for half decade long...
    God knows whats in store for us when TMC comes in power...which a step ahead from Congress..

    BJP is only hope for voiceless hindus of WB or India

  2. I was studing about kashmir issue and here is my finding which I want to convey to you.
    Yugoslovia was known(post WW-II) as a model for surviving with many religious and ethnic cultures apart from India.But subsequently it was broken into 5 or more nations whose early symptoms are similar like providing autonomy.I see many similarity between Yugoslovia(contained large population of Muslim) and kashmir issue.We shouldn't forget the 50% of the nation(like Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan) disintegrated from USSR are Muslims.Muslim separatism worked parallely with failured Centralised Administration to destroy USSR.
    I have come across an exceptional article from Dipak Basu on "The Statesman" who is Professor in International Economics, Nagasaki University,Japan.
    Please read this article.

    with regards,
    -- Dibyajyoti Guha.